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Temporary accomodations

Reliable Solutions for Displaced Homeowners and Essential Workers


...tailored to meet your needs

Journey USA RV Rentals specializes in long term RV rentals tailored to meet the temporary accommodation needs of homeowners and essential workers during natural disasters and home repairs. Whether your home has been damaged by a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood, or you need to house field workers, our extensive fleet of comfortable travel trailers and 5th Wheels provides a reliable and high-quality solution.

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With over 100 trailers available and a swift response capability, Journey USA RV Rentals partners with major utilities and organizations to create specialized campsites for essential workers requiring multi-month accommodations. We understand the importance of Additional Living Expenses (A.L.E.) coverage, helping homeowners navigate insurance policies to maximize their temporary housing benefits during challenging times.

Our direct partnerships with utilities, government agencies, and construction companies ensure efficient and effective temporary accommodation solutions for essential field workers in emergency situations. Contact us today to discuss how our long term RV rentals can meet your specific needs during times of displacement and recovery.