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Earn income to cover your expenses and more.

For individuals with significant unearned income, benefit from accelerated depreciation under Section 179.

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RV Owner's Dilemma

Lack of Use: Most RV owners use their vehicles for a few weeks each year, at best. The rest of the year, the RV sits idle while the monthly bills keep rolling in. Worse, RVs are not designed to stand still. Tires accumulate dry rot. Routine maintenance is missed. The value suffers.

RV Financing Trap: There is also a built-in issue with almost every type of personal  RV finance. The rate of depreciation exceeds the rate of principal repayment. As a result, many RV owners find themselves swiftly underwater on their loan. The outstanding loan exceeds the value of the RV.

Owner Consignment benefits

At Journey USA RV Rentals, we can help overcome these issues. We manage all aspects of your RV with a partnership approach, based on open communication and full transparency. We aim to be the Gold Standard for Owner Consignment and provide the following benefits:

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Regular monthly income.

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'Instant' maintenance, zero wait times = Minimum downtime & maximum income.

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Exclusive Owner Labor rates - SAVES 30%!

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Transparency and Communication. Each owner has 24/7 access to a unique, online Commissions and Maintenance file.

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Potential tax breaks.

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Secure storage.

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Partnership Approach

Regular Income – Defray Your Expenses

Renting Your rV- How it works

Journey USA RV Rentals, LLC manages RVs on behalf of individual RV owners with a twofold objective:

  • To maximize Owners monthly commission checks
  • To ensure well-maintained vehicles

Catalytic Converter Theft Deterrent

Our lot is protected not only by a fence, alarms, lights and security cameras, but also by an electronically alarmed fence that is integrated into our alarm system and also to a very loud siren and strobe light. Anyone attempting to climb or cut the fence sets off the alarm.

Most owners understandably focus on rental income. What differentiates us at Journey USA RV Rentals, is that we view our Owners as our partners. That is important. Partners have well-aligned interests and look after each other. On our side of the partnership, we manage your RV to the best of our ability in order to maximize income and to keep the RV well-maintained, safe and roadworthy. We do that with open communication and full transparency and we welcome your ideas and feedback. Our goal is to quickly win your trust and confidence.

We share the monthly rental income with you and the routine maintenance expenses. You earn a steady stream of income that help defray some or all of the monthly expenses of owning an RV. As might be expected, RV rentals have peaks and troughs through a given year, with summer vacations being the seasonal peak.


We also manage the maintenance so you can sleep well knowing that your vehicle is being managed by experienced technicians. We follow rigorous maintenance protocols that ensure timely routine maintenance and have established relationships with local vendors when needed. As a result, you benefit from zero wait times for service. Your RV, therefore, is back on the road as quick as possible with minimal downtime and loss of revenue. Finally, we offer exclusive maintenance labor rates to our Owners that saves at least 30% from local RV service centers.

Your vehicle is covered by your personal insurance while on our lot and by renter insurance when out on rental. Rental insurance is provided by Wheelbase/Outdoorsy (Liberty) or by a binder from the renter’s insurance company (USAA/State Farm) so that the vehicle is always covered.
For owners with sufficient unearned income, there are significant tax benefits from purchasing an RV for rent while more modest tax advantages can accrue to all Consignment Owners. We recommend you consult your tax advisor for professional advice. There may be advantages to owning the RV via a company.
We are responsible for all aspects of marketing your vehicle. Currently, we run monthly social media and PPC campaigns, active SEO alongside direct marketing into selected market segments. We are developing a strong brand that can be extended into other geographic areas in due course.
Each owner has 24/7 access to their own vehicle file. This file includes monthly commissions and maintenance details. You can see precisely what you earned, the number of reservations and the maintenance conducted on your RV.
Every owner is, of course, entitled to use their RV for their own personal use. As our partner, we simply ask that you respect we manage a business and, therefore, that you do not over use the RV – especially during peak seasons. That said, we are flexible with regard to owner use since each RV has a different rental profile.
Our two acre premises are conveniently located near the Tampa Fairgrounds on US92. They are secure, staffed daily, well-lit at night and with security cameras.

Check out what owners have to say about us

Owner Reviews

Chris H.RV Owner
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Great people working over there, reliable consignment partners. I found them easy to contact and communicate with. They will also work with you to find solutions to problems instead of leaving you out to dry, doesn't matter where you are. Charles, the business owner, is the kind of person the RV industry benefits from having, no BS and a straight shooter.
If you're looking to rent or consign an RV make sure to contact these guys first, they were super helpful and educated me on the process of consignment. They also successfully sold my RV for a great price when I didn't need it anymore.
One last thing, their mechanics are detail oriented and were able to handle the particular RV I had after giving them over the phone instructions, not once did I hear "we could not do this or fix that."
Why can't all business be like this?"
Nancy & Jim B.RV Owner
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“Our RV used to sit more than it was on the road, we considered selling it because of little use and we couldn’t see paying for something we weren’t using. We decided to give Journey a try. Journey has not only made owning our RV cheap they have put money in our pocket almost year round.”
Michael K.RV Owner
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"It was the best decision we have made! We wanted to sell, because we couldn’t justify the payments for the amount of time we actually used our RV. Now, we still own our RV, use it when we want and make money on it when we are not using it."
Jessie L.RV Owner
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"Our RV has been maintained better than we could have done on our own and we can use it when we want."

Consign your RV

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